Strongbuilt has manufactured many different styles of deer hunting stands, or as they are frequently called, tree stands. Strongbuilt began producing deer hunting tree stands in 1986 and the evolution of hunting tree stands since that time has been amazing. Deer stands are incredibly popular because they allow the hunter to see and hear the deer first and give him the ability to get off a shot without spooking the animal. Hunting tree stands are especially popular with bow hunters because the concealment they provide will allow the deer to come closer, giving the bow hunter a higher probability of harvesting a trophy buck. Strongbuilt has also produced a number of climbing tree stands and ladder tree stands for both the bow hunter and the rifle hunter. Climbing tree stands differ from the typical deer stand in several ways, but the most obvious is the design. Climbing tree stands require the hunter to do exactly as the name implies; climb the tree. Itís not as difficult as it sounds, however. The climbing tree stand is designed to allow the bow hunter to scale the tree using the platform for assistance. The hunter literally scoots up the tree foot by foot alternating between the platform and the chain on seat. The platform of a climbing tree stand can range in size from 24 inches by 18 inches all the way up to 31 inches by 22 inches. Most of the Strongbuilt climbing tree stands weigh less than 30 pounds and have a weight capacity of about 350 pounds. The compact size of these climbing tree stands allows hunters to carry them deep into the woods with minimum effort. Knowing that both bow hunters and rifle hunters need to be elevated to provide better accuracy while hunting, Strongbuilt produced several varieties of ladder stands to meet their needs. Ladder tree stands allow the hunter to be better concealed while waiting for the deer to come within shooting range. Hunting ladder stands, or tree ladder stands as hunters sometimes refer to them, may range in height from 10 feet all the way up to the 22 foot Skyscraper model. While very effective, ladder tree stands are not nearly as portable as climbing tree stands. Typically, bow hunters will affix their ladder tree stands to trees months before the season begins to allow the animals to become accustomed to its presence in the woods. Over the years, Strongbuilt has built a long line of products for bow hunters and rifle hunters that continue to last through hunting season after hunting season. Deer stands, climbing tree stands and ladder stands are all examples of hunting stands that have been enjoyed by Strongbuilt customers since the 1980ís. Strongbuilt has the products you need, all you have to decide is which one is the best fit for your hunting style.